Denali Flights

Denali Flightseeing

Flightseeing is one of the best ways to view Denali. The mountain is so large and far removed off the road system that a flight is the best way to get up close and personal. Denali flightseeing can be hot in summer as you cross the valley, so be sure to bring water on your flight.

Denali Plane Tours

Denali air taxis begin out of Talkeetna. The flight out across the Sustina Valley takes roughly 30-40 minutes before entering the range. On the flight out you see many rivers, lakes, and pond. Once you enter the range you fly among spectacular mountains and glaciers. Most routes up to Denali fly over the Kahiltna Glacier or Ruth Glacier.

Denali Air Taxis

There are many air taxi outfits that offer flights to and around Denali. The longest involved in this opertation is Holly Sheldon of Sheldon Air Service. Her father Don Sheldon was the top bush pilot for landing on Denali back when people first started landing on the mountain. She would help out in the hangar and even go on flights with her dad as a small child.

Flights to Denali

Flights to Denali can varry in cost. The least expensive is a flightseeing tour which can start around a couple hundred dollars. An actual drop off and pick up can cost a lot more. If you are landing at base camp and intented on climbing the mountain the rate begins around the $500 mark, not to mention all the park fees and permit. If you intend of climbing Denali it is a long process and cannot happen on a whim.

Climbing Denali

If you are planning on climbing Denali do your home work. Start by reading about basecamp on Southeast Fork Kahiltna Glacier. Denali basecamp flights are more expensive than a standard flightseeing tour because it requires two flights and requires more cordination with other air traffic and permiting and fees.